Teaching Practices Self Analysis

Directions: This instrument is designed to provide you insights into your teaching practices. For each section, indicate the significance of your decisions/actions relative to each factor, by allocating a total of 100 points among those identified that apply.

My instructional planning is driven by . . .
1                 philosophy, mission of my institution, and/or its administration.
2                 standards of State DOE, accrediting association, and/or other external entities.
3                 recommendations of the entire faculty within my department.
4                 my perceptions, fostered by past experiences, of the needs of the class as a whole.
5                 needs of external stakeholders, e.g. employers, schools to which students advance.
6                 content and approach of the course textbook and its ancillary materials.
7                 students' individual characteristics, including their learning styles.
 8                 my personal strengths, experiences, interests, time availability, etc.
9                 other: (identify) _____________________________________________
        100    Total

My instructional delivery practices are driven by . . .
10                 standard procedures agreed upon by all faculty members within my department.
11                 my personal strengths, interests, etc., including my own learning style.
12                 the need to cover the course material in the time allocated.
13                 the need to keep the class as a whole focused on course objectives.
14                 the characteristics, needs of individual students in each section.
15                 the need to provide students with an enjoyable experience.
16                 how I have been taught as a student
17                 other: (identify) _____________________________________________
        100    Total

The instructional environment of my courses is driven by . . .
18                 the furniture, equipment, size, etc. of the classrooms in which I teach.
19                 the needs of students to accommodate their individual abilities, learning styles.
20                 my need to maintain control of the whole class.
21                 my desire to maximize overall class outcomes, e.g. passing rate, etc.
22                 my desire to foster an accepting and enjoyable atmosphere.
23                 my desire to maximize individual student's learning.
24                 other: (identify) _____________________________________________
        100    Total

The process of evaluating student achievement within my courses is driven by . . .
25                 externally mandated standards, e.g. licensing exams, etc.
26                 practices agreed upon by all faculty within my department.
27                 my own time availability for developing and scoring assessments of student work.
28                 my own experiences as a student, as to what was effective.
29                 the need to defend grades to instructional leaders, students and others.
30                 my comfort level with alternative methods of assessment.
31                 my perception of students' feedback needs.
32                 other: (identify) _____________________________________________
        100    Total

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